Ons team

A home for the innovative, the creative,

the strategic, the believers and the do-ers

We believe diversity is at the base of creativity and growth.
Diversity makes us better. It is a journey that we are active in and that never stops.


Roderick Cremers

Creative Strategy Director Founder

Chris Derksen

Client Services Director

Sybren Huisman

Client Services Director

Olger Grandia

Creative Director

Cristine Noordmans

Brand Strategy

Iris van Galen

Content & Project Manager

Cees Hoogvliet

Content & Project Manager

Alex Vijfvinkel

Media Specialist

David Nieuwenhuizen

Creative Director

Michael Palm

Project Manager

Demi Rinsema

Production Manager

Guillaume Soudain

Content Manager

Mascha Blom

Sr. Account/ Project Lead

Laura West


Iris Taal

Video creative

Sem Pelmelay

Video creative

Lars van der Put

Video creative

Joshua Kruter

Art Director

Joren Hoogendijk

Motion Graphic Designer

Stella Mensink

Junior Designer

Ruby Lee van der Velde de Oliveira Coelho

Social Media Manager

Karlo Shenouda

Trainee Motion Graphic Design